• Make sure you have added Firebase to your Android project. Follow Firebase doc for more details. Within the doc the recommended approach is to follow the steps in option 1

Setting up FCM configs in Castled

We need to get the FCM Sender ID and FCM Server Key from Firebase console which will be required for configuring the Android app in Castled.

  1. After logging into Firebase console, navigate to project settings page for your project and select cloud messaging tab. Add a new server key if not already done.

    Firebase Sender Id and Server Key

  2. Also make sure that the Cloud messaging API is enabled. If not click on the Manage API in Google Cloud Console button to enable it.

    Firebase Cloud Mesaging API

  3. Once the above step is complete navigate to settings > channels > mobile push in Castled webapp. Select Android tab. Specify an App Name and Package Name to identify your app configuration and enter the FCM Sender ID and FCM Server Key you got from Firebase console in the previous step.

    Push Config

  4. Once you enter the configs click on SAVE

Xiaomi App Secret is optional. Recommended to set this config if your app has users on Xiaomi mobile devices. More details on this config can be found here