Tracking needs to be enabled during SDK initialization for this feature to work. Set CastledConfigs.isTrackingEnabled to true to enable tracking.

You can monitor any user actions occurring within your app utilizing the CastledNotifications.logCustomEvent method provided by the Castled SDK.

Each event can be accompanied by relevant additional parameters. For instance, the added_to_cart event can include parameters like number_of_items and value_of_items, allowing you to capture more detailed information about the user’s interaction.

Logging User Events

CastledNotifications.logCustomEvent can be used to log user events. Any params associated with the events is passed to the method as a flatmap.

    // User event without params

    // User event with params
            "value" to 1042.56,
            "isPrime" to true,
            "delivery_on" to "09-30-2023"

All the user events logged will eventually land in the user events tables in your configured data warehouse, which can be used for any segmentation in future. Also these events can be used as the trigger events for your push, inapp and inbox campaigns or workflows.

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