Castled SDK allows you to show in-app messages to users who are currently engaging with your app. These messages are typically used to communicate important information, deliver targeted promotions, provide user guidance, or engage with users within the app.

Enabling In-App messages in SDK

Set the flag enableInApp to true when initializing the SDK

// SDK initialization
    this, CastledConfigs.Builder()

Triggering In-App SDK events

In-App messages are typically shown in response to events that happen within your app. You can decide the trigger event for in-app display when creating the campaign. By default SDK tracks app_opened and page_viewed events. Note that these events are not reported to our sever and is used only to determine if an in-app needs to be shown or not.

If you want to use a custom event as the trigger event, SDK provides a method to raise such an event based on a user action within your app.

CastledNotification.logCustomAppEvent(context, "<event-name>", <event-params>)

<event-name> is the name of the custom event. <event-params> is a flat map of key value pairs. Keys are always of type string, but values can be string, number, date or boolean.

For e.g. If your shopping app wants to display an in-app message when value of items in cart greater than a certain number, app would log a custom event as follows whenever user adds an item to cart.

// Name of event: added_to_cart
// Event params:
//     value: total value of
//     items: total number of
            mapOf("value" to 120, "items" to 3)

SDK will then make sure of displaying the eligible in-app to user if there is one.