A Sample Push Notification Campaign Report

Campaign Overview

Provides a high-level summary of the entire campaign. Please find below the list of Campaign overview stats

EnteredNumber of users who entered this campaign
CompletedNumber of users who completed the campaign successfully
SkippedNumber of users for whom campaign could not be executed for some reason. For push notification this means push token for user not available, for email it could be that the user already unsubscribed from all campaigns etc.
FailedNumber of users for whom the campaign run failed (after fixed retry attempts)

Eventually once campaign is completed, Entered should match sum of Completed, Skipped and Failed users.

Channel Stats

These stats provide insights into how the users are engaging with your campaign. Various engagement stats and associated messaging channels are listed below. Unless otherwise specified all of these are calculated based on unique users.

FieldApplicable ChannelsDescription
DeliveredWhatsApp, SMS, EmailNumber of users to whom this message has been delivered
ImpressionsPush, InAppNumber of users who have seen this message
ClickedPush, InApp, Email, WhatsApp, AppInboxNumber of users who clicked the message
Read/OpenedEmail, WhatsApp, AppInboxNumber of users who opened Email or WhatsApp message
DiscardedPush, InApp, AppInboxNumber of users who discarded the message after viewing without clicking/tapping
FailedSms, WhatsAppNumber of message delivery failures. Likley due to invalid phone numbers

Conversion Stats

Provides insights into how campaign is performing in terms of the goal conversion criteria you have defined during the start of the campaign. You can define 1 primary conversion criteria and upto 4 secondary conversion criteria.

PrimaryNumber of unique users who met the primary conversion goal
Secondary NNumber of unique users who met the secondary conversion goal N. For e.g. when you have 2 secondary goals defined, N can have values 1 and 2

Engagement Metrics

This section provides key customer engagement metrics commonly used across the industry.

MetricApplicable ChannelsDescriptionFormula
Click Through Rate (CTR)Push, InApp, AppInbox, WhatsAppIt’s a ratio that compares the number of times a user clicks on a message to the number of impressions (or views) that message receives. A higher CTR typically indicates that the message is more relevant to the audience it’s being shown to.CTR=Number of ClicksNumber of Impressions×100%CTR = \frac{\text{Number of Clicks}}{\text{Number of Impressions}} \times 100\%
Click To Open Rate (COTR)EmailIt indicates the percentage of recipients who, after opening the email, also clicked on a link within that email. A higher CTOR generally indicates that the email content was relevant and compelling to the audience who opened it.CTOR=Number of Unique ClicksNumber of Unique Opens×100%CTOR = \frac{\text{Number of Unique Clicks}}{\text{Number of Unique Opens}} \times 100\%

Variant Performance

This section is useful when campaign is run in experimental mode. You can compare how your AB test message variants compare aganist each other.