In-App Message Campaign

In-App campaign allows businesses to show targeted messages to users within their mobile or web app, typically in response to some user action. These messages can have different forms such as a modal, banner, slideup, fullscreen etc.

Types of In-App messages

Castled supports 4 types/templates of in-app messages.


  1. Modal - Displayed as pop-up windows within the app, temporarily blocking the underlying content.
  2. Fullscreen - Cover the entire screen of the app.
  3. Banner/Slide-Up - Smaller, non-intrusive notifications that appear at the top or bottom of the app interface.
  4. Custom HTML - User provides message as HTML that gets rendered in an embedded browser(webview) within the app.

Each of these type can have further sub variants based on how contents are organised within the template frame. Castled provides a message builder UI tailored to each of these template type.