Push Notification Campaign

Push campaign enables businesses to send targeted messages directly to users’ devices. These notifications appear as alerts or banners on users’ smartphones, tablets, or browsers, ensuring immediate visibility. However, it’s important to use push campaigns responsibly, respecting user preferences and privacy while delivering valuable and relevant content.

Key charecteristics of a Push campaign

  1. Direct delivery - Push notifications are delivered directly to users’ devices, ensuring immediate visibility and engagement potential.
  2. Personalization - Push notifications can be tailored to specific user segments or individual preferences, allowing businesses to deliver targeted and relevant messages to their audience.
  3. Real-time updates - Push campaigns can be used to deliver real-time updates, such as breaking news, time-sensitive offers, or event reminders.
  4. Call to action - Push notifications often include a call to action (CTA), encouraging users to take a specific action, such as clicking a link, making a purchase, or engaging with an app.

How do I create a push campaign in Castled?

  1. Make sure your developers have completed the Castled SDK integration on end devices or apps to which notification is being delivered.
  2. Create a push campaign using Castled CEP