The Basic Message without Icon is a simple, text-based notification designed to deliver concise information without the inclusion of visual icons.

Fields and Components

  1. Message Details

Message Title: This is the main heading or title of the message. It’s often used to grab the user’s attention. The title should be concise and relevant to the content of the message.

Recommended Length: 20-50 characters. Keeping it concise ensures users quickly grasp the main idea.

Message: This is the main content or body of the message. It provides detailed information regarding the notification or the action the user is expected to take.

Recommended Length: 50-200 characters. This ensures the message is brief yet informative.

Font Color: Customize the color of the message’s title and content. This allows for a visual distinction based on the message’s priority or type.

Background Color: Choose the background color for the message to ensure it aligns with your app’s branding and aesthetics.

  1. Default Click Action

Upon clicking the message, an action will be triggered. You can define the default behavior of this click action. Possible values are:

Deep linking: Links the user directly to a specific location or activity within the app. *8Navigate to screen:*8 Directs the user to a specific screen within the app. Rich landing: Opens a rich media or web content within the app. None: No action is taken when the message is clicked.

  1. CTA (Call-to-Action) Links

These are optional actionable buttons that can be added to the message. They can be used to guide the user to take a specific action like “View More”, “Buy Now”, or “Learn More”.

You can add up to 3 CTA Links.

Each CTA Link has its own:

Link Text: The text displayed on the CTA button.

Click Action: Defines the behavior when the CTA is clicked. (Similar values to the Default Click Action)

Click Action URI: The specific location or URL the CTA button will redirect to.

Link Color: Customize the text color of the CTA.

Background Color: Choose the background color of the CTA button to match with your brand’s theme.