What is App Inbox?

The App Inbox is a dedicated space within your mobile application that houses a curated list of messages for the user. Unlike transient notifications such as push or in-app messages, the App Inbox offers a persistent store, ensuring messages aren’t easily overlooked and can be referred back to at the user’s convenience.

Objective of App Inbox

The primary aim of the App Inbox is to enhance user engagement by delivering targeted and persistent content directly within the app environment. This is especially beneficial for content that users might want to reference multiple times or at their own pace. By having a repository of messages, marketers can ensure vital information isn’t lost in the flood of daily notifications.

Benefits for Marketers

Enhanced Engagement: With a dedicated space for your messages, users can engage at their convenience, ensuring better message consumption.

Retention: Persistent messages can act as reminders for users about pending actions, offers, or updates, potentially increasing app retention rates.

Segmentation & Personalization: Marketers can curate content based on user preferences, behavior, or demographics, ensuring relevance.

Centralized Messaging: A consolidated place for all important messages reduces the risk of message fatigue from other channels like push or in-app messages.

Analytical Insights: By tracking which messages are viewed, saved, or deleted, marketers can gain insights into user preferences and behavior.

Major use cases for App Inbox

Complementary to Push: A user receives a push notification about a limited-time sale. If they ignore it, they can later find detailed information about the sale in their App Inbox.

Extending In-App Messages: After presenting a brief in-app message about a new feature, detailed instructions or tutorials can be stored in the App Inbox for users to refer back to.

Drip Content Campaigns: Spread out content delivery, like a series of tutorials or stories, which users can access sequentially from their App Inbox.

Seasonal Catalogs: Instead of fleeting promotions, offer seasonal catalogs or lookbooks in the App Inbox that users can browse at leisure.

Feedback & Surveys: While an initial prompt can be made via in-app messages, detailed feedback forms or surveys can reside in the App Inbox, allowing users to fill them out when they have the time.