Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email service that provides cost-effective, flexible and scalable way for businesses of all sizes to keep in contact with their customers through email.

Configuring AWS SES

You can skip this step if you already have your AWS SES setup

  1. Sign Up for AWS: If you haven’t already, create an AWS account.

  2. Verify Email Addresses or Domains: Before sending emails, verify your email addresses or domains through the SES console.

  3. Request Production Access: Initially, your SES account is in a sandbox environment. Request production access to remove restrictions and enable full email sending capabilities.

For detailed guidance, you should refer to the official AWS SES documentation.

Configuring AWS SES credentials in Castled dashboard

Following steps outline how to configure SES in Castled dashboard.

  1. Select Settings > Email > Custom SMTP as the provider type

    Custom SMTP Provider

  2. Please find below a sample SMTP config when using Amazon SES

    Custom SMTP Form

    SMTP Host and SMTP Port info can be found in SMTP Settings within your AWS console.

    AWS SMTP Settings

    Check Enable Authentication

    Use the Username and Password of the AWS user with email send permissions. If the user doesn’t exist create a new user using Create SMTP credentials option below.

    AWS SMTP Credentials

    Complete sender details as well and save the form.

    Enable Custom Tracking is used when you want to use your own domain for tracking.

Setting up SNS for email events

SNS allows you to receive notifications for SES events such as email deliveries, bounces, and complaints. Castled user these notifications to provide detailed insights and real-time alerts on your email sending activities and also efficiently adjusting email sending practices based on bounce or complaint notifications.

Setting up Amazon SNS for SES events involves a few key steps:

  1. Create an SNS Topic Subscription:

    • Go to the Amazon SNS dashboard.

    • Choose Create topic and define the topic name and display name.

    • Create a Subscription and configure the Castled webhook to receive SNS events as below. Enable raw message delivery should be unchecked.

      AWS SNS Subscription

    • Once subscription is setup, Castled automatically completes the subscription confirmation with AWS SNS. If the Status is Pending after 30 mins, try Request confirmation again.

      AWS Subscription Confirmation

  2. Set up SES Notifications:

    • Navigate to the Amazon SES console.

    • Select Email Addresses or Domains, depending on where you’ve verified your sending identity.

    • Choose the identity for which you want to set notifications.

    • Under Notifications, select Edit Configuration.

    • For each type of notification (Bounces, Complaints, Deliveries), select the SNS topic you created. Make sure to check Include original email headers

      AWS SES Notification

      SNS is now setup to notify the Castled webhook whenever a new SES event is reported.