Twilio Setup

Signup for a twilio account and configure the sender. The sender can be one of the following

  • Long Code
  • Short Code
  • Messaging Service
  • Alphanumeric ID

Long Code

Long codes are normal individual ten-digit phone numbers from where you can send sms messages to your customers. You can buy a new phone number directly from the twilio console.

Short Code

Short code are shorter six-digit phone numbers, designed for high throughput two-way messaging. Sending more than a few hundred messages from a long code risk running into spam. Short codes are not filtered out by carriers and hence ideal for sending time-sensitive, high throughput messages. You can buy a short code from twilio or migrate an existing one onto twilio.

Messaging Service

Messaging Service is a bundle of messaging functionality around a common set of senders, features, and configuration. It helps you organize your messaging to fit a specific category of usecases for better tracking and monitoring. Once the messaging service is created, add one or more long codes/short codes to the service using the twilio console. Twilio will choose one of the configured numbers for messaging.

Alpha Numeric ID

Alpha numeric sender ids in twilio allow you to send messages using an alphanumeric ID (for example, CASTLED) instead of a standard E.164 formatted Twilio Phone number. This is mostly used by businesses for higher message deliverablity, increased open rates and improved brand recognition. Alpha numeric sender ids are supported only in a few countries.

Configure Twilio in Castled

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> SMS and select Twilio

  1. Enter the following fields on the config screen
  • Twilio SMS Name:An unique name to identity your sms sender.
  • Account SID: Copy the account sid from twilio console

  • Auth Token: Copy the auth token from the twilio console

  • Sender: Select one of Short Code, Long Code, Messaging Service or Alpha Numeric ID
  • Sender ID: Copy sender ID from Twilio dependening on the sender selected above.