Configuring Textlocal as Your WhatsApp BSP in Castled

Following steps outline how to configure Textlocal in Castled dashboard.

  1. Select Settings > WhatsApp > Provider to go to the WhatsApp provider config screen

  2. Click on the ‘+ ADD PROVIDER’ button and select Textlocal as the provider type. Textlocal Config

  3. Enter the Textlocal configuration details. Textlocal Config

    a. WhatsApp Name: Enter the name you’d like to assign to this WhatsApp configuration. This should be recognizable and easily distinguishable for future reference.

    b. App ID: Input the App ID provided by Textlocal. This unique identifier is specific to your Textlocal WhatsApp application and is usually available in your Textlocal dashboard. Textlocal App ID

    c. Service Key: Enter the service key associated with your Textlocal account. The service key acts as a secret token to authenticate your API requests and is critical for establishing a secure connection between Castled and Textlocal. Textlocal Service Key

Ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled out, as they are mandatory for the configuration process.

  1. Click on the ‘SAVE & CONTINUE’ button to save the configuration.