Creating Campaign

Start by creating a new campaign. Select In-App as the channel type.

Composing In-App Message

First step is to select the message type. It can be one of the Modal, Banner/Slide-Up, FullScreen or Custom HTML types.

Modal message type selected

Once a message type selected, pick the variant template that you want to use for your campaign.

Default Modal template type selected (one with modal image, title, message, and 2 action buttons)

This will launch a message builder tailored to the template type you selected. All of the message components are parameterized so that users have full control
on how the message appears on the end devices.

A sample in-app message created using message builder UI for the default Modal template

Contents of the message builder vary depending on the template type. In general, they can be grouped into 2:

  1. Message Details - Includes all the text and graphic content of the in-app message.
  2. Action Buttons - They provide options to define CTAs for the message being delivered.

Once the message is crafted your liking, proceed to the Schedule and Settings page where you can specify a schedule for your campaign and then publish it.