What are In-App Notifications?

In-App Notifications are messages that users receive while they’re actively using an app. Unlike external alerts, such as push notifications, In-App Notifications don’t require user permissions and provide real-time, contextually relevant messages based on the user’s current activity or profile within the application.

Objective of In-App Notifications

In-App Notifications aim to guide, inform, or prompt users to take a specific action while they’re already engaged with the application. They are timely, targeted, and contextually embedded, ensuring that the message aligns with the user’s current journey or activity in the app, enhancing the overall user experience.

Benefits for Marketers

  1. Immediate Engagement: As these notifications appear while users are active, they can drive immediate actions or guide user behavior.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Relevant and timely messages can enhance the user experience by offering value, whether it’s a personalized recommendation or a useful tip.
  3. High Visibility: Unlike other notifications that can be turned off or missed, In-App Notifications are always visible to active users.
  4. Flexibility: These notifications are versatile, capable of delivering various content types – from images and texts to interactive elements.
  5. Behavioral Targeting: Marketers can trigger notifications based on user behavior or events, making them contextually relevant.

Major use cases for In-App Notifications

Onboarding Guidance: As a user navigates a new app, In-App Notifications can guide them through features, ensuring smooth onboarding.

Real-time Feedback: After a transaction or action, prompt users for immediate feedback or ratings.

Upsell & Cross-Sell: While a user is browsing, showcase related offers or premium features to enhance their purchase or experience.

Achievement Recognition: Congratulate users on milestones or achievements to boost engagement and encourage further interaction.

Time-sensitive Offers: If a user is active during a special sale or event, an In-App Notification can drive immediate participation.

Supported In-App Notification Types:

Modal Alerts

Pop-up messages that require user action before proceeding.

Slide up or Banners

Top or bottom screen notifications offering brief information.

Full-Screen Messages

Engaging full-screen content, ideal for major announcements or offers.