1. Initiate campaign creation.

Go to List Campaign page on the menu and click CREATE CAMPAIGN button.

2. Select the WhatsApp channel and the required trigger type.

Select the WhatsApp channel and pick the trigger type. Castled supports the following trigger types for email :

  1. One time - Sends one time email message now or at a scheduled time.
  2. Event triggered - Sends one time email based on user’s action in the app.

3. Capture the User Segment details.

In this section the following details need to be captured

  1. Campaign Name
  2. Campaign Tag
  3. Target Segment
  4. Control Group details

4. Capture the WhatsApp Content details.

In this section the following details need to be captured

  1. Whatsapp Sender Config
  2. Message

Message text can be personalised by typing @.

5. Send test WhatsApp message.

It is important to test the campaign WhatsApp message before sending it out to a broader audience. Castled provides the option to send a test WhatsApp message to a mobile number before sending the campaign.

6. Click NEXT to schedule the campaign.

7. Select the campaign schedule.

Castled supports the following schedule for SMS campaigns

  1. Send immediately
  2. Send at a future date/time.

Schedule campaign to be send out immediately.

Schedule campaign to send on a future date/time.

8. Publish the campaign.

Once all the campaign steps are completed, the campaign can be published by clicking the PUBLISH button.

9. List of the published campaigns.

Successfully created campaigns are listed in the Campaign list screen. The status of the campaigns will be one of the follow based on the scenario.

  1. RUNNING - When the published campaign is active and is currently running.
  2. SCHEDULED - When the published campaign is scheduled for a future date.
  3. COMPLETED - When the campaign run is complete.
  4. FAILED - When the campaign run fails for some reason. Failure reason is displayed to aid in figuring out the reason and.

Campaign stats are covered in details here