Creating customer journeys using Workflow

Workflows, frequently termed as ‘Customer Journeys’, outline a structured multi-step process that orchestrates user experiences across a timeline. They encompass a series of planned interactions, allowing for targeted and timely user engagement.

By leveraging workflows, you can create a curated path, triggering specific actions or messages based on user behavior, preferences, or set intervals, thereby ensuring a more personalized and effective communication strategy.

Five Ws while creating a Workflow

Who: Identifies which user segment or audience will be affected or involved in the workflow. Who are the users that will go through this workflow?

What: Details the sequence of events, actions, or triggers that constitute the workflow. What processes or steps are involved?

When: Specifies the timing, frequency, or conditions under which the workflow is initiated. When does this workflow start, and under what conditions?

Where: Describes the channels involved in the workflow. Where does the workflow execute, and where can users interact with it?

Why: Defines the purpose or rationale behind setting up this workflow. Why was this workflow created, and what is it meant to achieve in terms of user engagement or operational efficiency?