Campaigns facilitate communication with your users through various messaging channels. These include App Inbox, Email, In-App messages, Push notifications, SMS and WhatsApp.

Five Ws while creating a Campaign

Who: Identifies the target audience or user segment for the campaign. Who are you aiming to reach with this campaign?

What: Specifies the core message or call-to-action of the campaign. What do you want these users to know, understand, or do?

When: Details the timing or duration of the campaign. When will this campaign be launched and for how long will it run?

Where: Describes the channels where the campaign will be rolled out. Where will users encounter this campaign? This could include channels like email, in-app messages, push notifications, etc.

Why: Explains the primary goal or objectives behind the campaign. Why are you running this campaign? What is the expected outcome or desired behavior from the users?

Creating a Campaign

The steps involved in creating the campaign for each channel are covered in detail below.